Having fun at an uninhabited island in the Maldives

Having fun at an uninhabited island in the MaldivesIt goes without saying all that can transpire in a place where there’s not many people but you and your significant other, but there are plenty more things to do, like choosing where to spend your time fishing for reef fish, or snorkeling, of course, all with a limit of good sense. It is hard to get medical help easily in such remote places, so being prudent around nesting sites of eels and aggressive fish, while taking care of not going into swift currents is very important.

Snorkeling is simply fantastic on these islands as there seldom is human traffic around, and the fish and marine animals don’t scare that easily. One can spend hours swimming along with schools of brightly colored reef fish, or silvery fusiliers, while admiring the beauty of living corals glowing in iridescent lights under the ultraviolet rays of the equatorial sunlight.

Some of these islands have great surf spots. You can practically set up your own surf camp, and be the first in line for breakers every time. Most of the breaks in the Maldives are reef breaks, so it’s a good idea to pack booties and other protection to prevent injuries.

Of course, you can expect bug bites and other irritants, so include a first aid kit along with the other equipment you plan to take to the uninhabited island, even if it’s for a day trip.

The undeniable beauty of the Maldivian seascape has ensnared thousands of people who have returned to the island nation every year since their first trip, unable to forget the great experience of being in a country that is more sea than land. Read more about Maldivian holidays and great things to do here.

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