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blog_directoryI had first started out blogging on the side and really didn’t expect to get too many results out of it. However, after I put in a lot of time and effort, I realized that I was starting to generate some revenue as well as consistent traffic to my blog. At that point I decided to start multiple blogs on different topics. These topics included the environment, politics and diy home repair.
While I was achieving some success from my blogs, I still found myself jealous of the more successful bloggers who were living off the fruits of their labor. I was becoming tired of my day job so I decided to try marketing my blogs better.
I came across multiple blog directory websites, one of which was called I submitted my blogs to the directories with little hope that I would get any results from it. After submitting my blogs, I decided that it was time to go on a vacation. Upon returning from my vacation, I was extremely surprised to find that my blogs had received a tremendous amount of traffic. After doing some research, I discovered that the majority of this traffic came from blogbal.
An aspect that I had not realized when I first started blogging is that a blog acts as a direct example of the quality of your work for other private clients to look at. I had always thought that the writer had to look for any freelance gigs, but I have come to find that a lot of clients are actually actively looking for writers that they can recruit. Since I submitted my blog to blogbal, I have received several emails from various clients asking me if I could perform some work for them.
Overall, I have had a very excellent experience with blogbal.

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