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Facebook’s New and Exciting Feature “Instagram”

Facebook will offer and new and exciting way to show off your beautiful pictures through a new app called “Instagram.” Along with this new app to showcase your best photo experiences yet, also features the original team of Instagram, to the social network “Facebook.” What better way to ensure the best support and integrated future of Instagram!

Facebook staff will not change what Instagram currently offers, but expand and improve to make Instagram even better. Not only will you be able to upload your unique and personal photos to Facebook, but Instagram gives you the freedom to upload the photos within other social networks.

Facebook already incorporates photos into their social networking family. Photos between family, friends and new acquaintances. Intentions of Facebook are to continue through this new app to have followers and to follow people that may not currently be your friends.

Instagram has already so many users, many more then Facebook has ever seen. Now with the two companies, as one united under the Facebook team, this will enhance one of the most interesting features under Facebook-the pictures. Pictures bring everything to life.

Facebook cannot help but improve on whatever flaws Instagram may bring to its’ new home. New faces, old mistakes and a strong team to grow to new levels of capabilities.

What about Facebook and the dislikes of the current Facebook family? There is always room for improvement in any business. But one thing is for sure “curiosity killed the cat.” Many will want to try out this new app in hopes that improvement with lead to another new, fun and interesting feature to make personal social networking pages better. Youtube Video about the Facebook Instagram deal. Many people currently a member of Facebook will only continue to stay committed to their involvement and contributions to the currently “number one” social network online.

When joining together both teams of Facebook and Instagram, possibilities scream success for both Facebook and for those that are a participant of Facebook.

Find a Sugar Daddy in Virginia

Find a Sugar Daddy in VirginiaThe state of Virginia is not known to be for Lovers for nothing. Plenty of single, eligible Sugar Daddies are waiting for their dream woman to come right in to their life to make everything complete and whole. From politicians to real estate magnates to old money gentlemen; Virginia has an assortment of Southern charm Sugar Daddies just waiting to be introduced to that right lady who can help him make the most of his rich and fulfilling life by sharing his good fortune with that just right woman who understands him and the lifestyle he leads and thus wants to share. Learn more about dating a sugar daddy in Virginia.

The largest comedy channel on YouTube

The largest stand up comedy channel has just, literally been born, on YouTube with the launch of the new TV-style site, StandUpBits. StandUpBits is unveiling a new comedy video every day, with 4,500 existing videos starting out the channel and being online currently.

Unlike other comedy websites, StandUpBits, is more like a television channel with new content being offered via the internet instead of just echoing television content that already exists. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all offer links, so the social networking angle is also covered.

Comedy has a rich history from radio to TV to the internet, but until now the internet has not filled the gap of new content in the same way that the other delivery methods of radio and TV have. StandUpBits changes all that with its new online station.

Go to StandUpBits YouTube, StandUpBits on Facebook, StandUpBits Twitter and StandUpBits Pinterest – and visit

Top Rankings with Keyword Writer

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The monitoring changes in the search engines keeps my content optimized ensuring that I am using the latest words and phrases. It also has the ability to crack the optimum key word density for my content. It also allows you to choose the language that I want so that you can write to or for any audience. It also tells me exactly what keywords and phrases to use and how often, making my writing experience easy so I can focus on making more money.

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